P3 Fitness offers Personal Training from the privacy of your home or our local training facility. 

Our personal training affords you the opportunity to work on your goals 1-on-1 with your trainer, but the training doesn't stop there, our personal trainer services come with a fully formed training program for each athlete to better guide them towards achieving their goals.

Your training program will consist of extra training opportunity outside of your regularly scheduled sessions and guidance on nutrition and recovery as needed.

Having a training partner makes it all easier, they motivate and encourage, they hold you accountable and remind you to stay on track. It's because training is better with friends we offer group discounts for small groups of up to 5. 

So be the motivation or the catalyst for someone else's decision to move and get in shape. 



Whether from the comfort of your own home or our local training facility we take the hassle and inconvenience out of training. Gone are the days of aimlessly walking around the gym or not knowing what to do, we make fitness simple.

Don't wait. Get started today.

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