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Our mission at P3 Fitness is to provide every athlete with the coaching, training and nutritional programming required to achieve their goals in a manner that fits with their life. 

through simple, systematic and sustainable approach we achieve the desired results and accomplish the goals we set out to. 





The personal connection between athlete and coach is what makes P3 Fitness different. At P3 we take the time to understand the athlete, to build a relationship and to listen to the athlete through the training process. 

We adapt and adjust the training to the specific needs, goals and lifestyle of every athlete.

This is where Science meets Human Connection.



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Nick's primary goal is to guide all of his athlete to succeed in accomplishing their goals. He loves seeing his athletes accomplish what they set out to and values the relationships he builds with each athlete along the way. 

Training, racing and competing has been at the center of his life for decades. Over the years his experiences have varied and include 18 years of racing triathlons and endurance sports as well as a background in weightlifting and functional training. More recently Nick has been competing in Ultra-Marathons, with a top 20 finish at the R.R.C.A. Championship Trail 50 Mile in Chattanooga, Tenseness and finishing the "Race Across the Sky"  Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run.

Nick's coaching approach comes from his background in Kinesiology and his emphasis on improving his athlete's bio-mechanics to support performance through efficiency and injury prevention. His approach to coaching blends the science of sport with the communication that is vital to find a system that will work for each individual athlete, their life and their goals.

This is the backbone of Nicks science-based training with a human connection philosophy  

 When not training or coaching, Nick can often be found spending much of his time practicing yoga, playing with his dog Tito, traveling with his wife, Ali, in their campervan and spending lots of time reading, researching and staying up to date on the most current science of sport and physiology and psychology in order support his athletes the best he possibly can. 


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