Why should you get a professional bike fit?




Injury Prevention



Whether you are looking to be a little more comfortable in the saddle, trying to improve your performance at your next race, or you just got a new peloton or at-home bike trainer, optimizing your bike fit and ensuring that you are riding in the best position for you improves your experience, your safety, and your performance. 



Bike Fit From Home

We can now do bike fits from the convenience of your home! whether you got a new at-home bike or you want to update your existing fit we will come to you!

Get your bike fit from the comfort of your own home.

A great bike fit blends the latest technology, a deep knowledge of biomechanics,and an understanding of each individual athlete and their goals and history. We take the time to understand each athlete and truly find the right position for you!

Bike Fit Includes:
  • Coach led consultation to determine goals and desired fit outcomes
  • Pre-Fit Mobility Assessment 
  • Cleat & Shoe Analysis
  • Dynamic Motion Capture
  • Fit optimization and adjustment 
  • Marking all positions and fit coordinates for easy replication 
  • Position video
  • Fit report and detailed fit measurements. 
  • Follow up consultation and adjustment.
  • At home fit option, we come to you. (pricing may differ)
Cost: $199 - $299
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