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Age Group Multi-sport Athlete

3rd JerseyMan Duathon

  - Nationals Qualifier

100+ Pounds weight loss

"Achievements are measured in a lot of different ways. Going into season two under Nick as my coach, I’ve achieved more than I could’ve imagined.  A new understanding of nutrition and how to fuel my body, increased mental strength and growth that I can apply beyond endurance sports, weight loss of over 100lbs, and competing in various races from 5k to my first 1/2 marathon, completing my first triathlon and duathlon. All these components together resulted in a 3rd overall placement at a sprint duathlon qualifying me for Nationals, a 3rd place finish with a 10minute PR in a 5k race, but most importantly a new quality of life.

Nick gives me 100% every time, which ultimately translates into me being able to make substantial progress, and reach my goals faster. Having a coach truly in your corner, having someone who is not only passionate but knowledgeable at the same time, makes all the difference. Thank you, Coach for guiding me along my journey and helping me break down boundaries to chase my potential"


Ironman All World Athlete

Ironman All Country Athlete

3x Ironman

6x Marathon

“I first met Nick back in my freshman year of college. Over the years I have come to know Nick as one of the most driven, passionate, humble, and fiercest competitors I have ever met. His work ethic, preparation, and passion is unparalleled and shines through in every facet of his 3P mantra. It serves as the cornerstone of his goal to help others achieve their potential. There is no other person or organization I would rather entrust when trying to get better on or off the course. He is an amazing friend and coach.... and come race day, there is no one I would rather toe the starting line with.”


Half Marathon Finisher

Working with Coach Nick changed my perspective on endurance sports and prepared me to complete my first half marathon! In January I couldn't run a mile. I started working with Coach Nick and got comfortable with a 5k, but Coach Nick took me to another level. I had never been a runner, let alone a distance runner. I travel a lot for work and was struggling with getting into a gym routine while on the road 2-3 weeks a month. Coach Nick helped me set a training plan even for when I was on the road. Having his expertise and experience with endurance sports was incredibly helpful to give me guidance and bounce questions off of. Coach Nick signed up for the Princeton Half with me after a few months of training and helped me set goals leading up to the race. I wanted to run a 10 minute mile pace for 13 miles for my first half and ending up running a 10:01 pace! I was really happy with my performance and couldn't have done it without Coach Nick's planning and support.


Age Group Multi-Sport Athlete

IRONMAN 70.3 Finisher

My goal was to complete a triathlon. I was making little progress until I linked up with Coach nick. My goal went from a Sprint to and IRONMAN 70.3. I completed 3 Triathlons, a half marathon, and an IRONMAN 70.3 under the coaching of Nick. Training was fun and he took all the guess work out of my plan/schedule. His race day knowledge and coaching was invaluable. Countless PR's and 30 pounds of weight loss and I can confidently say Coach Nick changed my life!

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