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You train and race hard, you need gear that will give you the best chance for success.


Built with one thought in mind

'If you look good and you feel good, you can perform great'


The P3 Line of attire was designed to be stylish sharp and fun. The combination of classic lines, strong patterns, bold colors, and a flat fade to the midline makes our kit flattering on all as you stand out from the crowd. 



These are not your run of the mill garments, all our gear is manufactured by De Soto Sports in San Diego, handmade in the USA. Each design has been designed for gender-specific comfort and has many features built in to make these the most comfortable you will ever own. 


All our gear is top of its class in performance. Be it aerodynamics, thermoregulation or additional storage and ease of restroom stops you will have every performance advantage you could ask for and give you the opportunity to perform your best.

I am extremely proud of the products below. 

Triathlon, Cycling and Running attire built for performance, comfort, style, and durability.

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