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Time Trial Tuesday - Smile More, You Will Race Faster!

Time Trial Tuesday - 5 minutes on the clock, let's go!


At every race I see so many athletes sulking in their “pain” or gritting their teeth because they are “working so hard” but the thing is, none of that is helping them go any faster in fact it is likely doing just the opposite!!

Every race I do I make a point to joke around with spectators with funny signs, thank every volunteer I see and generally present a happy and fun and light demeanor, it doesn’t matter if you are 40 miles into a 50 mile run or 110 miles into the bike leg of an IRONMAN. Keeping this happy attitude does three significant things.

#1. It makes your efforts feel easier!!

Smiling has been shown in many studies to reduce the rate of perceived exertion in athletes, and frowning increases that same perceived exertion. So smiling, laughing and HAVING FUN actually makes your efforts feel easier and subsequently means you can go faster.

#2. Competitive advantage.

Ever have someone pass you on a run whistling a show tune when you are suffering?

Or have someone pass you in a race looking effortless, thank the volunteer who gives them water and then shout a positive word of encouragement to you even though you are both in the same age group vying for the same spot?

YEAH, it sucks, it makes you think “I could never keep up with that guy it looks so easy” . This is a great mental tactic when passing athletes you are competing against.

#3. It makes peoples day!

In the end the volunteers and spectators are out there for and because of the athletes, they don’t want to see you suffer and they deserve to have someone tell them their sign is hilarious or they are appreciated for being at the aid station.

My personal favorite:

When the kids have hoses out to spray people on the run, encourage them to spray you right in the face!! They love it, it puts a smile on both faces every time!

So go out and have a fun race! and stop taking yourself so damn seriously, you will get a lot more out of it!


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