Beat The Heat - Quick tips for hot weather racing.

So race week is upon you, and you, as the day inches closer, check your weather app more and more, but the expected temperature on race day keeps climbing every time you check, 90, 91, 92, 98… woah that last one was a big jump. Sound familiar?

What do you do to prepare yourself for an imminent hot race and how can you deal with the heat and still race on the day? Here are some quick tips:

Look familiar Nj State racers?


#1. Hydrate - In the days leading up to the race, it is important to hydrate and avoid letting yourself get dehydrated. By hydrate I don’t simply mean drink lots of water; water alone won’t hydrate you very well. In fact, if you are drinking tons of water, really all you are doing is increasing the amount you will need to visit the restroom.

At work or at home, having fluids near you to sip through the day is helpful.

Be sure to include some extra electrolytes in your diet and fluids, especially salt (sodium). The sodium will help your body absorb the water and keep you in balance. Electrolyte products can be helpful for this, but really it is as simple as adding a pinch of salt to water or a bit extra to your meal (consult your doctor if you have high blood pressure or are on any sodium restrictions). You will likely not even taste the pinch of salt in your water, but it will go a long way in helping you hydrate properly.