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Official Coach of The New Jersey Marathon

For anyone from New Jersey you have undoubtedly heard the NJ 101.5 slogan "Proud to be New Jersey". I am very excited to announce that I am now the official coach of the New Jersey Marathon and P3 is "proud to be New Jersey".

It is really great to become part of such an awesome, growing race and I am extremely excited that it allows me the opportunity to bring effective and simple training to a much larger group of athletes and help more people get more specific with their training. Training plans I designed specifically for the demands of the NJ Marathon are available for athletes everywhere to download from the New Jersey Marathon website. These plans are designed for various levels of athletes and all three distances, Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k.

So head over to find your plan and start training today!

Sign up for the race ASAP, use code 20NJMFARR for a discount and don't forget to register as a member of TEAM P3 when you sign up!


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