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Going To States! - Team P3 Targets New Jersey State Triathlon 2019

July 21st and 22nd Team P3 athletes will be racing the New Jersey State Triathlon. This great, central New Jersey race has both Sprint and Olympic distance races so all of our athletes regardless of skill and experience can use this as an opportunity to put their fitness to the test.

Now is the time to set a goal for your 2019 triathlon season, mark your calendars and to motivate (or challenge) your friends to join you and your team in training for race day.

Team P3 is going to regularly target specific races of varying distances and disciplines, giving athletes a chance to train together as a group for a collective goal. The New Jersey State Triathlon will be our first collective target race of 2019 and members of Team P3 are eligible for a discount on race entry fees.- email for details and promo code

Note- We will also get group benefits including a private Porta-Potty on race day if we have 20 or more registered athletes!!

Team P3's group training sessions and team training plan will be designed to prepare athletes for the demands of these races. Whether you are a first timer racing your first ever triathlon or a seasoned vet searching for a PR on this course there will be options to utilize the training to prepare you to accomplish your race day goal!

There are several ways you can train with Team P3

First, you must Join Team P3 here - Free memberships until group training starts!

Team P3 Training Plan

The full season training plan is posted weekly in the Team P3 Athlete Forum and will have all the information and workouts you need to train and prepare for NJ State on your own.

Group Training Sessions

Starting this Spring Team P3 will hold regular group swims, bike rides, group runs, and track sessions. These sessions will be designed to generally increase our fitness as Swimmers, Cyclist and Runners. There will be options available (when applicable) for athletes of all levels.

Custom Training Plan

Contact P3 Fitness at for a customized training plan built to fit your athletic needs and designed to fit your schedule.

Athletes registering for the race can link the profile you create with Team P3 upon registration. Athletes who have already registered for the race can follow the link here .

Team P3 is about Community, Commitment and Competition, this race marks our first opportunity as a community to commit to a goal and train to compete against and with one another. As a Team and as individuals we will all be eligible for prizes on race day, but along the way, we will have our own competitions and will give out our own prizes to keep us motivated and pushing one another forward.

Encourage your friends and training partners to race with you at New Jersey State and to train with you and Team P3!

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25 feb. 2019

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