Go Your Own Way - Keys to virtual race success

This weekend marks the start of the virtual New Jersey Marathon and Half-Marathon. Whether this is your first attempt at this distance or you have run many marathons before, there are lots of new obstacles and things to consider before you head out the door for your run. Yes, you could just go “wing-it,” but why not take some time to put a plan together and give yourself the best chance of success.

Here are the key components to planning a successful and fun virtual run:

New Jersey Marathon Running
No need to follow course signs this year.

Know before you go

First, you have to decide your goals with the race. Are you going to use this race to set a PR at the race distance by planning every detail to give yourself the best chance for success on the day? Are you going to use this as a celebration of all you have done and overcome in 2020 and simply focus on covering the distance and enjoying every moment? Are you going to use this run as part of training and focus on improving in areas you have historically suffered in the past?

Or something else entirely?

Your goal is yours. it is up to you to choose your own adventure and to decide where you want to put your focus or emphasis this year, but what your goal is will help you determine where and how to run your virtual race. So you must decide your goal before you go!

Plan your route

You are your own race director

in a virtual race, and it gives you the opportunity to pick your own route and ensure it is one that gives you the best chance to achieve your goal from above.Now, short of doing 105 laps of your local running track (not recommended), it will be very challenging for many of you to find a course as flat and fast as the New Jersey Marathon route.

(if you are looking for a flat route here are two good options for the Half-Marathon and Marathon